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Magali Morreale a stylist and loupe glasses specialist. 15 years ago, Magali imagined for karakaloop.com reading glasses shop new collection to come.. On her lookout for original, she looks for the right colors and the most voguish shapes to answer all fashion desires. The current trends are displayed on models while guaranteeing you a good vision. Premium French reading glasses!

Reading glasses shop, Original creation of loupe glasses,it was a leading brand in its market by offering Fashionable reading glasses and quality models at attractive prices. Thanks to her, the reading glasses started to be more colorful and left the rigid side of its function. With this success, Magali Morreale has recently oriented the brand on a more pointed axis by creating glasses collection that impose their presence as fashion accessories.
Men and Women have access to various and colorful collection of reading glasses. Karakaloop is a street wear loupe reading glasses shop brand decrypting the unavoidable trends of the season. By observing the collections you are guaranteed to wear the trend pattern matching your shape and your dressing style!

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